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Facility Design Services provides automobile dealers with experienced, affordable facility design assistance on a national and international basis.

Buildings do not sell cars. However, buildings do change attitudes. The dealership building can play an effective role in improving customer perception, customer loyalty, employee productivity and retention. As a result, improved facilities can help sell more cars, and convert shoppers into buyers. When shopping, customers expect a consistent image in addition to outstanding customer service. To a customer, a dealership should be as friendly and as easy to shop as any retail outlet (such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, your local supermarkets chains, drugstores, etc). 

If the design process can be simplified and made affordable, then all dealers should want to participate. Utilizing a simplified dealership design process, stores can be designed quickly and consistently. Capturing the momentum of a facility design process is critical in rolling out a successful program. With a trail of successful dealers, facility programs create their own momentum, further enabling affordable success.

The challenges involved in executing successful facility design programs are varied and complex. Questions and concerns felt by the dealerships begin with: Does the manufacturer support the dealership improvement process? At what point does the dealer believe enough in the product and manufacturer to invest in the future? The dealer may question if the manufacturer has an equal stake in their plan to improve their facility. 

We overcome the above challenges by providing a full menu of design services for your dealership facilities:

  • New build design services 
  • Renovation design services 
  • Showroom only design services 
  • Corporate plan review and approval 
  • Site inspection and corporate review

We want to offer you experienced affordable facility design assistance. To do so, we adapt each corporate design direction to every individual dealer location, budget, and local code requirements. Our dealership facility design program implementation experience can be readily applied to any program requirements.