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Facility Design Services was established to provide automobile dealers with experienced, affordable facility design assistance on a national and international basis. We accomplish this by adapting the respective corporate design direction to each individual dealer location, budget and local code requirements. 

Facility Design Services Principles

The traditional and time-consuming architectural design process does not work well for automobile dealers for many reasons, including: 

  • Dealers don’t have time to educate inexperienced architects in their business  
  • Dealers want to feel they can rely on trusted, experienced dealership designers 
  • Most dealers have minimal design or construction experience
  • Dealers often have a love/hate relationship with the manufacturer, so corporate design direction dictated by the manufacturer is suspect
  • Designing dealerships on site gives the dealer maximum opportunity to participate 

Over 30 years of dealership design has taught us that designing dealerships on-site with the dealer and his staff has proven to be the most effective and efficient method for implementing facility programs.  This approach makes the dealer an active participant in the design process.  The Facility Design Services process minimizes surprises, reduces costs and maximizes the effectiveness of the dealership design process.

Our design center is based in a dealership and we are a dealers ourselves.  We operate out of a functioning collector car dealership: "The California Car Company." We restore, refurbish and sell original, low mileage rust-free vehicles from the 30's through the 70's at affordable prices to collectors, hobbyists, and old car buyers all over the world.  Our dealership experience has given us a strong appreciation for the day to day operations and situations that can occur in your facility.

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